WCEE assists low income women to put all the pieces back together - in their finances, and in their lives.

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Women's Center for Economic Empowerment

Founded in California in 2012 by Ouida Joi Cooper-Rodriguez, the Women's Center for Economic Empowerment's (WCEE) mission is "to assist, support, and inspire low-income women to become economically self-sufficient and become active participants in their lives and communities."  We accomplish our mission through financial literacy, entrepreneurship, employment/job readiness, and life skills training, coaching, and intensive case management support to low-income, highly inspired women who may have or are experiencing domestic violence, homelessness, generational poverty, substance abuse recovery, incarceration, and/or other significant barriers to financial self-sufficiency and life empowerment. WCEE was a resident organization with the Alameda County Family Justice Center in Oakland, CA. Services are now available in Kent, Sussex, and New Castle Counties in Delaware

Through our holistic, wraparound S.U.C.C.E.S.S. model, we provide the necessary tools, support, and resources for significant life change. A unique post training program provides consulting, coaching, and group support for participants as they step into the new chapter of their lives. All WCEE programs and services are offered in English and Spanish.  

The WCEE pedagogy is founded on the principles that the client is the expert in their own lives, and by facilitating a process of exploration, discovery, action, and realization, significant change and shifts can happen in a women’s life. Utilizing the principles of Dialogue Education™ (DE) founded by Dr. Jane Vella, WCEE provides “a learner-centered system of teaching and curriculum design that is uniquely purposeful, engaging, and collaborative. Unlike traditional methods that push information onto passive learners, DE brings the learner into active relationship with both the content and the learning process... DE focuses on how adults learn best: by becoming active participants in their own learning experience.” (From Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach, Dr. Jane Vella). 

S.U.C.C.E.S.S = Step Up, Create Change, Excel to Self-Sufficiency


There are four phases to the WCEE S.U.C.C.E.S.S. model:


Phase I - Exploration: Exploring personal, career, and small business strengths and challenges


Phase II - Discovery: Discovering career, employment, and small business options


Phase III - Action: Learning financial, business, career, employment and life skills competencies and developing an action plan for implementation


Phase IV - Realization: Intensive post-training coaching, case management, mentoring, P2P (Peer to Peer) groups, and other individualized support services to realize their goals


Classes offered in Kent, Sussex, and New Castle Counties



Ouida Joi Cooper-Rodriguez, M.A.

Executive Director & Founder


Skype: OuidaJoi

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